CAFE Flutists
Meet Our Members

Leslie Etzel, manager,
contrabass, alto, and bass flutes

Sue Norton-Scott,
bass flute and Director of Development

Tim Solarz,
alto and C flutes, piccolo
Nora Welsh,
alto and C flutes, piccolo
Susan Borgers,
C flute

Leslie Lewis,
C, alto, and bass flutes, piccolo

Rhonda Bowen,
piccolo, alto and C flutes

CAFE musicians are top professional and semi-professional flutists who have played in major orchestras and bands throughout the valley of the sun. We love playing together in this unique ensemble.

Our Community Outreach activities are focused on bringing CAFE music to seniors.

Occasionally, we may need to ask another flutist to play for a performance, but rest assured that all substitutes are properly screened and rehearsed.

All flutists are double vaccinated and will follow all COVID policies in a venue. We are fully insured.

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CAFE Organization

President – Leslie Etzel

Secretary – Susan Borgers

Treasurer – Kate Miller

Director of Development – Sue Norton-Scott