Here’s what our audiences are saying…

“Kudos to the ensemble; what a wonderful evening last night. Thanks so much; the music was great, and the ensemble members were friendly and had a good time. Not only wonderful “tunes” but as a bonus, some humor as well. Hope to see/hear you again.”

Charlie and Carol
“It was pure pleasure to have CAFE Flutes open our KOG Concert Series season. The ensemble has a substantial and varied musical repertoire providing a great mix of musical favorites of musical styles and preferences. Their relaxed and yet very professional approach to the audience is educational, engaging very relational. We look forward to our continued collaboration with CAFE Flutes.”
Cyndee Chaffee, Director of Worship and Arts, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Tempe
“Who needs an orchestra when you can enjoy the CAFE flute choir? This is so amazing. I came here thinking, ‘uh….I’ll listen to a few flutes.’ Little did I know how interesting and amazing this performance would be!”

“CAFE Flutes was our best-attended event of the year.  Even shy residents wanted to see the group. We took lots of photos and videos because it was heartwarming to see so many seniors outside their apartments enjoying music together.”

Robin, Activity Director

“Your concert was so enjoyable, and loved by everyone I encountered that attended! Thank you so much for working on your program to fit our requirements. I very much look forward to working with you in the future.”

Ivy, Activities Director
“The CAFE music touched my heart. I was happy to join the audience in giving you a standing ovation. It was well deserved.”

“You are one of the most enjoyable, talented group of musicians I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and having for a program.”

Jody A, Program Director
“You guys are just all kinds of awesome.”
“Thank you again for CAFE Flutes playing such an enjoyable concert.”
Rhonda, Activities Director, Leisure World