In the world of music, the magic of live concerts lies not only in the auditory feast but in the visual and tactile experiences that elevate the connection between performers and the audience. CAFE Flutes, renowned for their captivating performances, has introduced a new dimension to their 7-member flute choir concerts – the demonstration flute experience. Beyond the enchanting melodies, CAFE Flutes now invites their audience to touch, feel, and intimately explore the inner workings of both the C-flute and the 10-inch piccolo.

Audience Reactions

The response from the audience has been nothing short of extraordinary. As the demonstration flutes circulate through the audience, a palpable sense of wonder fills the room. Audience members, whether seasoned musicians or those reconnecting with their musical past, find themselves captivated by the intricate mechanisms, delicate pads, and the precise alignment of keys that breathe life into these instruments.

One audience member shared, “I used to play the flute years ago, but haven’t touched it for decades. I can’t believe it – I still remember where to put my fingers!” The tactile experience rekindles muscle memory, transporting individuals back to the days when they first embraced the flute. It’s a journey of rediscovery, a testament to the enduring connection between individuals and their instruments.

First Time

For others who have never had the opportunity to examine a flute up close, the demonstration becomes a revelation. “I’ve never seen a flute up close before and had no idea how many keys are on it,” remarked a fascinated listener. “If you press down one key, others also go down. It’s very complicated, and I have a new appreciation for how many notes can be produced from this tube with holes!”

The star of this multi-sensory experience is a particular demonstration flute with a rich history. It happens to be the very first flute that CAFE musician Leslie Lewis played. As a child, Leslie spent countless hours learning the fundamentals – from holding the instrument to coaxing out the first sounds and playing songs. While she has since upgraded to more sophisticated flutes, the sentimental value of her first instrument remains unparalleled.

Creating Bridges

This cherished flute has found a new purpose as CAFE’s demonstration flute, creating a bridge between the past and present. Its melodious notes now serve as a vessel for musical education, offering the audience a unique insight into the evolution of a musician’s journey. Leslie’s personal connection with the instrument adds a layer of warmth and nostalgia to the demonstration, turning it into a heartfelt sharing of musical history.

The inclusion of the 10-inch piccolo in the demonstration adds another layer of complexity and intrigue. The smaller size accentuates the intricate details of the instrument, allowing the audience to appreciate the precise adjustments required for optimal functionality. It’s not just about the music; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship, engineering, and the synergy between musician and instrument.

Transcending Boundaries

In essence, CAFE Flutes’ new demonstration flute experience transcends the boundaries of a traditional concert. It becomes a communal exploration, a hands-on journey into the heart of music-making. Through these multi-sensory encounters, CAFE Flutes continues to break down barriers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry that goes into creating the magical sounds that enchant audiences across central Arizona. Join CAFE Flutes on this extraordinary musical journey, where the magic of the flute extends beyond the stage and into the hearts of their listeners.

If you’re an event organizer looking to add a unique and enchanting element to your lineup, consider booking CAFE Flutes. Their professionalism and dedication to spreading the joy of music make them a standout choice for creating memorable musical experiences. With their unique blend of musical styles, engaging performances, and commitment to community enrichment, they are poised to make a harmonious mark in any venue. To learn more about booking CAFE, contact Manager Leslie Etzel at 480-242-2124 or