At CAFE Flutes, we are passionate about showcasing the versatility and rich tonal possibilities of the flute family. One of the ways we achieve this is by performing a wide range of music across various genres. Our diverse repertoire allows us to connect with different audiences and demonstrate the flute’s adaptability. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the genres we explore and the unique qualities each brings to our performances.

Classical Elegance

Classical music forms the backbone of our repertoire. The flute has a long and storied history in classical music, and we honor this tradition by performing works from composers like Mozart, and Haydn. These pieces highlight the technical prowess and expressive capabilities of the flute. The precision and clarity required in classical music provide an excellent showcase for the ensemble’s skill and cohesion. Audiences often appreciate the familiarity and timeless beauty of these compositions, making them a staple in our performances.


Baroque Brilliance

Velda Rose Church congregants in Mesa loves Baroque music

The Baroque era, with its intricate ornamentation and expressive melodies, is particularly well-suited to the flute. Composers like Bach and Handel wrote extensively for the instrument, and their works remain a joy to perform. Baroque music’s lively rhythms and elaborate passages allow the flutes to shine both individually and as a cohesive group. Performing pieces such as Handel’s “Hornpipe” from Water Music transports listeners back to an era of grandeur and refinement, offering a glimpse into the historical roots of flute music.



Romantic Lyricism

Moving into the Romantic era, we find music that emphasizes emotion and expression. Composers like Gliere and Tchaikovsky utilized the flute’s lyrical qualities to convey deep sentiment and passion. Romantic music, such as Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Little Swans” allows us to explore the full dynamic range of our instruments, from the softest whispers to the most powerful crescendos. The rich harmonies and sweeping melodies of this period create a lush soundscape that resonates deeply with audiences.

Modern Masterpieces

Unconventional “Old Grumbler” – Sue Norton-Scott, Bass Flute

The 20th and 21st centuries have brought a wealth of new music for the flute, with composers experimenting with unconventional techniques and styles. Contemporary music often challenges traditional notions of harmony and rhythm, offering exciting new possibilities for the flute choir. We enjoy introducing audiences to modern composers who push the boundaries of what the flute can do.

Jazz and Improvisation

Jazz is another genre where the flute’s versatility shines. With its roots in improvisation and its emphasis on expressive playing, jazz allows us to explore a more spontaneous and freeform style. We enjoy performing jazz standards such as “Summertime” and “Stormy Weather” and original compositions that highlight the flute’s ability to swing, groove, and improvise. This genre adds an element of surprise and excitement to our concerts, as each performance can bring something new and unexpected.

Folk and World Music

Exploring folk and world music opens up a vast array of cultural traditions and sounds. The flute’s global presence makes it a perfect vehicle for this genre. We perform music from various cultures, including Irish jigs, Brazillian carol, and Latin American dances. Each piece brings its unique rhythms, scales, and modes, offering a rich tapestry of sound. By incorporating folk and world music into our repertoire, we celebrate sthe flute’s universal appeal and its ability to connect people across cultures.



Pop and Contemporary Hits

To reach broader audiences and add variety to our concerts, we also include arrangements of popular music. From The Beatles to Lee Greenwood, the flute’s adaptability allows us to cover a wide range of contemporary hits. These pieces often surprise and delight listeners who may not expect to hear their favorite pop songs performed by a flute choir. Including popular music in our repertoire helps bridge the gap between classical and contemporary audiences, making our concerts accessible and enjoyable for all.

Film and TV Scores

CAFE at the Arizona Broadway Theater in Peoria

Music from film and television has a unique power to evoke emotions and memories. The evocative themes of composers like Leonard Bernstein and Andrew Lloyd Weber are instantly recognizable and deeply moving. Performing these scores allows us to tap into the emotional resonance of iconic movies and TV shows. The cinematic quality of this music makes it a perfect fit for the expressive range of the flute choir, creating a powerful and immersive concert experience.




At CAFE Flutes, our diverse repertoire is a testament to the flute’s versatility and our commitment to engaging audiences with a wide range of musical genres. From the elegance of classical music to the spontaneity of jazz, the richness of world music, and the familiarity of pop hits, we strive to offer something for everyone. Our goal is to showcase the many facets of the flute and to connect with listeners on multiple levels. Whether you’re a lifelong flute enthusiast or new to the instrument, our concerts offer a journey through the vast and varied world of flute music. Join us at our next performance and experience the magic of the flute across genres!