CAFE Flutes at Theater Works

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CAFE is delighted to present this free, family friendly concert in the heart of Old Town Peoria on the elegant main stage of Theater Works.   Sponsored by the Peoria Arts and Culture Commission,  this concert will be special.   We will pass around silver flutes for the audience to see and touch!

Listen and Learn!  Get an up-close look at the 10-foot-long contrabass flute, then learn about music genres, flutes, and composers while enjoying a blend of oldies, classic melodies, patriotic favorites, Disney, and show tunes during this fun, interactive concert.



Look forward to:

  • An introduction to the flute family: contrabass, bass, alto, C flute, and piccolo. Each instrument will be heard individually and then showcased as part of the flute choir sound
  • Friendly, clear introductions to each piece along with interesting trivia about the music and composers
  • Active engagement with the audience by asking questions, inviting comments, and encouraging singing and clapping.
  • Opportunities to pose for a photo (or selfie!) with the gigantic contrabass flute, flutists, and instruments after the final applause has faded

This free event will take place at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, and is sponsored by the Peoria Arts & Culture Department.  #CafeFlutesAtPeoriaArts


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