CAFE Flutes at Sunrise Mountain Library

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Listen and Learn!  Enjoy a blend of oldies, classic melodies, patriotic favorites, Disney songs, and show tunes during this fun, interactive concert presented by a 7-person flute choir.  Get an up-close look at the 10-foot-long contrabass flute while learning about music genres and composers.

Sunrise Mountain Library

At the CAFE concert at Sunrise Mountain Library, prepare to be surprised and enthralled as the ensemble showcases the full range of instruments in the flute family, from the rare 10-foot long contrabass flute to the delicate piccolo.


Creating a lasting memory

Beyond the enchanting melodies, we now invites our listeners to touch, feel, and intimately explore the inner workings of both the C-flute and the 10-inch piccolo by sending demonstration instruments into the audience for examination!

Listeners will see our faces, hear our voices, and connect with us during a Q&A session.  We introduce and demonstrate the silver flute family:  contrabass, bass, alto, C-flute and piccolo.


concert formation

CAFE Flutes in Concert

Look forward to:

  • Instrument introductions:  each flute will be heard individually and then showcased as part of the flute choir sound
  • Friendly, clear introductions to each piece along with interesting trivia about the music and composers
  • Active engagement with the audience by asking questions, inviting comments, and encouraging singing and clapping.
  • Feeling uplifted by sharing the joy of music


Taking selfies

After the concert, listeners are invited to see the instruments up close and chat with the performers.

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