CAFE Flutes at Gold Canyon Arts Festival

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CAFE is delighted to set the mood for a day of joyous art exploration by providing opening music for the Gold Canyon Arts Festival from 9:30 – 10:30am on the main stage.  Following the “Star Spangled Banner,” the flutists will take you on a musical journey like no other. With a wide range of instruments, captivating tunes, and engaging audience interactions, it will be an inspiring way to start a day at the festival.

At this special CAFE concert, prepare to be surprised and enthralled as the ensemble showcases the full range of instruments in the flute family, from the rare 10-foot long contrabass flute to the sparkling piccolo. Their repertoire spans a diverse array of musical styles, including show tunes, classical masterpieces, timeless oldies, soulful folk melodies, rhythmic dance tunes, smooth jazz standards, patriotic anthems, and seasonal selections.  Each instrument in the ensemble gets its chance to shine, and the gigantic contrabass flute takes center stage, offering a captivating visual and auditory spectacle.


Look forward to:

  • An introduction to the flute family: contrabass, bass, alto, C flute, and piccolo. Each instrument will be heard individually and then showcased as part of the flute choir sound
  • Friendly, clear introductions to each piece along with interesting trivia about the music and composers
  • Active engagement with the audience by asking questions, inviting comments, and encouraging singing and clapping.
  • Opportunities to pose for a photo (or selfie!) with the gigantic contrabass flute, flutists, and instruments after the final applause has faded

Make a day of it! 

Listen to an unforgettable, inspiring concert, then wander through this colorful gala set in the shadows of the Superstition Mountains.   It will be a festival for all the senses!


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