CAFE on stageMusic has the remarkable ability to transport us through time and connect us with different eras and emotions. In central Arizona, the Central Arizona Flute Ensemble (CAFE Flutes) offers a unique musical program known as “CAFE Blend.” Join us as we delve into this captivating program that takes audiences on a musical journey through time and style.

What is CAFE Blend?

CAFE Blend is one of the signature programs offered by CAFE Flutes. It’s an immersive musical experience that combines seasonal favorites with lively classical melodies, inspirational patriotic songs, golden oldies, jazz standards, and peppy show tunes. It’s a delightful blend of genres that ensures there’s something for everyone in the audience.  With over 150 pieces of music in their library, the ensemble concocts many flavors of CAFE blends.

Tailoring Programs to the Audience

One of the hallmarks of CAFE Flutes is their ability to tailor their programs to suit their audience. Whether they’re performing for senior communities, students, or lifelong learners, CAFE Flutes can customize their concert to match the occasion. This flexibility allows them to connect with a wide range of listeners and create a truly memorable experience.  A program highlighting music through the ages, for example, features pieces from the medieval era through contemporary times.  It includes a discussion of stylistic characteristics of each period with musical examples.  Alternatively, some programs are seasonal.  They feature patriotic music, Irish music for St. Patricks’s Day, or international holiday favorites in December.

Additionally, CAFE can provide unique background music for any event, and loves to collaborate with visual artists, musicians, and dancers.  Innovation and creativity are part of CAFE’s DNA.

Active Engagement with the Audience

What sets CAFE Blend apart is the active engagement with the audience. During their concerts, CAFE Flutes encourages audience members to participate by asking questions, inviting comments, and encouraging singing, foot tapping, humming, and clapping. It’s not just about listening; it’s about becoming a part of the music and sharing a community experience.  There is always a Q&A segment for listeners to inquire about the flutists, music, or instruments.  Listeners are welcome to chat with the musicians after the final chord has faded, take photos, or stay connected by signing up for CAFE’s monthly newsletter.

Interesting Introductions and Arrangements

CAFE Flutes ensures that every piece they perform is introduced in a friendly and clear manner. They share interesting trivia about the music and its composers, providing context that enhances the listening experience. Their arrangements of familiar melodies, along with a few new pieces, offer a fresh perspective on timeless classics.  Listeners might enjoy a Sousa march, a Beach Boys classic, a Southern Spiritual, a medley of cartoon theme songs, and a beloved operatic melody all during just one CAFE Blend concert.

Celebrating Musical Diversity

One of the unique features of CAFE Blend is the celebration of the diversity of instruments in the flute family. Some listeners come to a CAFE concert expecting to hear seven musicians all playing traditional C flutes.  Surprise! The ensemble includes the unforgettable 10-foot long contrabass, bass, alto, C-flutes and piccolo.  CAFE Flutes introduces each instrument and allows it to shine, adding depth and dimension to their performances.   In addition, listeners hear what each instrument sounds like by itself when the flutists play the CAFE Scale. Starting at the bottom with the contrabass and reaching the upper limits of the range with the piccolo and back down,  the scale clearly demonstrates the 5-octave breadth of the ensemble.  Gone are the old days of flute choirs that consist solely of high-sounding C flutes!  Visit to see and hear videos of the ensemble in action.

Connect with CAFE Flutes

If you’re looking to add a touch of musical magic to your event or gathering, CAFE Flutes is the ideal choice. Their engaging and interactive performances, along with their diverse musical repertoire, ensure that your audience will be captivated and entertained.

In conclusion, CAFE Blend is more than just a concert; it’s a musical journey that transcends time and style. CAFE Flutes’ commitment to engaging their audience, their interesting introductions, and their celebration of musical diversity make their performances a truly enchanting experience. To book CAFE Flutes for your next event or to learn more about their upcoming concerts, visit their website and immerse yourself in the world of musical bliss.  Contact Manager Leslie Etzel at 480-242-2124 or visit